atelierqcvt-nrl’Atelier QcVT is a small, fine arts and crafts studio located in the Northern-most region of Vermont USA on the border of Québec, Canada, providing art for home and business, water-colours of original make, personalised, hand-painted signs, we can refinish, reburbish, restore and reclaim home furnishings and much more.

In the early Summer of 2013, the challenge of reclaiming an old and very un-used and neglected dairy barn was accepted. For months, there was a gerat deal of soritng, searching, cleaning and general chaos. Every day, sometimes for 8-12 hours, old furniture, machinery, tools, and items almost beyond imagination were painstakingly sorted through, removed, some cleaned and re-used (like old brooms, garden tools and such). It was a dusty and probably un-healthy task, considering there was no budget and no specialty equipment used. BUT…

By the Autumn of 2013, almost 100% of the reclaiming was complete. (It never seems to end, but that’s what puts even more love and intrique into this endeavour and there are no complaints.)

The owner of the barn was so impressed and grateful for all the efforts that the back section of the barn was awarded to the formation of a new and exciting small business and “l’Atelier QcVt” was formed. It’s become an obsession and a love ever since. But being given this space makes it all the more atractive and deepens the love more and more every single day.

It started with a hand-painted garden sign (in memory of the owner’s Mother), then when on to a hand-painted novelty sign. A water-colour collection of New England and other landscapes was added. Then, with the discovery of some old, and yet quite interesting rocking chairs in the barn, restorations began. There’s almost no end to the potential of this enterprise! There are illuminated manuscripts in the process as well… in Hebrew!

It started with nothing more than the materials found in the barn-reclamation effort. There are requests coming in for even more work, and shamelessly, this little barn in the North Country of the New England USA is always looking for any contributions to help us keep this infant business running. So, if you can, if you would, check out recent fund-raiser efforts at:


Thank you for your interest. If we can ever be of help, let us know.

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