01. History in Images

This is a pictorial history of l’AtelierQcVt from how the space looked when I first saw it, through the various degrees of emptying the space, cleaning what was found, re-arranging, re-organizing and finally settling (for the particular moment shown in the photo… because it’s still going on). There’s SO much MORE that CAN be done with this space. Especially insulation and lighting. But as much as I try to do with what I have left, it’s just not enough. However, THIS is why I’m so proud of this venture, why I’m so happy with this space, why I’ve actually cried with Joy over this enterprise. THIS is the work I’ve put into it. And I’m damned-well proud of the results!
(Click on any of the photos for a closer look…)

IMG_20130915_110922 IMG_20130915_110929 IMG_20130915_110935
IMG_20130915_110949 IMG_20130915_111006 IMG_20130915_111040
IMG_20130915_111052 IMG_20130915_111103 IMG_20130915_111109
IMG_20130915_111121 IMG_20130916_115544 IMG_20130916_115552
IMG_20130916_115609 IMG_20130916_115633 IMG_20130916_115659
IMG_20130916_131449 IMG_20130916_131510 IMG_20130916_131531
IMG_20130916_131548 IMG_20130917_162449 IMG_20130917_162509
IMG_20130917_162523 IMG_20130917_162544 IMG_20130917_162555
IMG_20130917_162609 IMG_20130917_162624 IMG_20130917_162702
IMG_20130917_162712 IMG_20130917_162746 IMG_20130918_101334
IMG_20130917_185032 IMG_20130917_185007 IMG_20130918_101446
IMG_20130918_154126 IMG_20131009_160618 IMG_20131009_160652
IMG_20131009_160730 IMG_20131009_160757 IMG_20131009_160825
IMG_20131009_160904 IMG_20131009_160929 IMG_20131009_160951
IMG_20131009_161005 IMG_20131011_160111 IMG_20131011_160147
IMG_20131022_144504 IMG_20131022_145426 Right about here is where I usually cry…
with Pride and Joy!
Here, a bit of the work on the up-stairs of the barn, over l’Atelier… The first photo gives you and idea as to what the entire space looked like from the beginning…
IMG_20131118_132032 IMG_20131118_131946 IMG_20131118_131859
IMG_20131118_131917 IMG_20131118_131838 IMG_20131118_132009

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