02. Projects Of All Kinds

OK. To-date, our first major “Project” was the reclamation of the space. And THAT was nothing short of a MAJOR MIRACLE and proof-positive that there are still people in the World with hearts as HUGE as the night sky and as WARM as the sun itself! The reward for all the days and hours of sifting, searching, arranging and cleaning-out was… the work-space, the work-shop, the place that has become: l’AtelierQcVt. When it was complete, that first space in the old barn was given, in the kindest generosity, as a space where painting and all the rest of the projects are taking place. Check here to see just how much went into this “reclamation”, the sincerity and scope of this effort, and the birth of l’AtelierQcVt.

Immediately after the clean-up came the first “product”, a hand-painted sign to dedicate and commemorate the re-claimed garden behind the old barn. The garden reclamation project was nothing short of pure delight, really. A few days and quite some hours of pulling, digging and such. But WOW! The final results were FANTASTIC! The garden had become so over-grown that it looked like little more than a stand of tall grasses and some vagrant, flowering stalks of about 5-6 metre high. But today, it’s clean, the little brick wall around it is back, and as of this writing, all is covered and just waiting for the arrival of Spring, a fresh planting and soon, there will be fresh garden vegetables and herbs, just as it provided in years gone by. The sign? A commemorative to the woman who tended it with all the love her heart could give. And that sign brought yet, another sign. Both are hand-painted on recovered house shingles that were uncovered during the reclamation of the garden, believe it or not. “Waste not, want not.” Things to be “re-purposed”. Signs too are here for your browsing, a click away.

That sign-painting brought yet another sign-job…

Next? FURNITURE! As the old barn gets closer and closer to looking like a place less neglected, there are ALL sorts of things being found, reclaimed, refurbished and such. Two old rocking chairs, a bit abused and much neglected are slowly but surely finding themselves breathing fresh air and seeing the light of day again (in fact, this news is being composed in the comfort of one, not yet completed, but actually feeling human presence once again). Here too, a record of these furniture restorations is but a click to the page.

WHILE the chairs are under reconstruction, the Halloween holiday approaches AND… with that, it was time for decorations and crafts. Hey! What do you do with about 40 old burlap sacks? Take a look at this happy, howling holiday and what can be accomplished with a little know-how, dedication, imagination and just the joy of seeing somebody smile.

And that’s not the end of it. Oh no! An “illuminated” document commemorating one of Vermont’s earliest “legal same-gender marriages” is under weigh. (And THAT photo-essay will appear here as soon as it’s done… you can be sure of that!)

So! Right now, we’re also working on our “presence” on the Internet and putting things “in order”. Fortunately, I come from an Internet background so the where-with-all isn’t daunting (yet). It’s just a bit time-consuming. But with the temperatures in the North Country dropping well below freezing, and a “need” (yes, “need”, unfortunately) to avoid frost-bite, the in-the-house time is being used to it’s fullest potential and, well, as you can see from our “More Information” page, l’AtelierQcVt is appearing at a URL nearest you, all over the place.

Check back often, especially here, on our Projects page. And be sure to keep up with our Blog and Special Notices pages. We’re on the road to SOME-where and it’s like a North-bound drive through the Green Mountains and our neighbours to the West… the impressive, inspiring and breath-taking New York Adirondacks… Horizon FULL of potential, glorious potential!

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