Afghan-A Hooker’s Tale

When this little number is completed, it will generously cover a full-size bed, or wrap a 6-foot man comfortably and cozily, protecting against the coldest of North Country storms. It’s acrylic yarn, off-white, and when done, will have 3 colour stripes at one end. The “pattern” is a combination of single and double crochet stitches, with a G6 4,25MM hook, so the stitches are tight (as you can see here), making for a heavy-weight, bulky blanket. But for right now, as this is typed, it just about covers the bed already, and I just had to show the stich-work. So you see… no matter what kind of support we get at this juncture (or not), “work” never stops.

IMG_20131115_073221 IMG_20131115_073241 IMG_20131115_073149
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