Furniture: Rockers

Repairs: Removing the old finish, minding the carved work, reinforcing arm rests, re-upholstering. – This job is still in progress due to weather conditions and the suspense is terrible. This old chair first appeared to be completely lost. Originally it was going to be sanded a bit, perhaps a bit of some kind of cheap upholstery-work done. But with the first sanding, the wood-grain came through as the sun shone on this piece showing that it’s made of oak, and beautiful wood at that! What you see here is the result of about 16 hours of hand-sanding. The job is still in the works because any humidity in the air tends to make the old shellac and varnishes used on these pieces glop when sanded. l’Atelier is in need of insulation and something to keep the air warm and dryer in the work-space. So, until we come up with something, this poor chair will be on “hold” until further notice.
IMG_20131020_111317 IMG_20131020_111344
IMG_20131020_162303 IMG_20131020_143927
Repairs: Removing the old finish, re-caning, reinforcing arm rests. – This poor old chair, made primarily of pine, hadn’t seen the light of day nor a breath of fresh air in some 20-30 years. The wood is dry, the caning was already torn in many places and, as is obvious, the old finish was actually bubbling, probably from having been applied to a wet or damp chair at some point. All hand-sanding on this piece as well because of the fragility of the wood, this job is still in progress due to weather conditions because the humidity and the cold makes the finish on this piece particularly prone to gumming-up the sand paper. But all is not lost… yet. As a matter of fact, the text you’re reading is being typed as the typist sits on the very chair! It’s become a favourite at the desk.
IMG_20131015_141728 IMG_20131015_141734
IMG_20131015_141748 IMG_20131015_174850


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