Halloween 2013

IMG_20131013_171522 The dust was settling, breaths were being taken, the chairs were being sanded and the sun was still warming the days enough to be pleasant and enjoyable and then… HALLOWEEN! The holidays were beginning! Decorations! Yes! Decorations! SOMETHING HAD to be done! And it had to be done on “NO BUDGET”! OO-OO-OO! What could be worse than a haunted house, a cemetery of ghouls-ghosts-goblins stirring in the shadows, a headless horse-man and a chain-saw mascara? “NO BUDGET”! Quick! Into the barn, imaginations running amok (amok, amok, amok). And just as l’AtelierQcVt had come from “NO BUDGET” it functioned on “NO BUDGET” and this… THIS is what happens when imagination strikes the sheer joy of creating…
IMG_20131013_133146 IMG_20131013_134319
IMG_20131013_150843 IMG_20131013_151309
IMG_20131013_155518 IMG_20131013_160544
IMG_20131013_162828 IMG_20131013_170651
IMG_20131013_171459 IMG_20131015_102304
IMG_20131015_102159 IMG_20131015_102245
IMG_20131015_102224 IMG_20131015_102212
IMG_20131015_102128 IMG_20131015_102143
Did I mention: the figures and faces have LIGHTS in them! And, as of the night before Halloween, the creating and decorating wasn’t even finished! It just kept going with all the other things that were found, as l’AtelierQcVt keeps moving, growing, creating.
Just a reminder: As of this holiday season 2013, l’AtelierQcVt is in a “fund-raising” mode. It’s a terrible time to ask for help, and even worse to HAVE to ask, but, this enterprise is like an abandoned kitten, struggling for the next breath in the cold North Country Winter that’s coming in with each and every breeze. So, if you could, even a dollar toward helping with the insulation and sealing the windows and getting some desperately needed materials would mean more here than just about any-where else imaginable. We even went so far as to “beg” the celebs (Hello? Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey?)! So you see: This little shop is no joke and no passing fad. Thank you for coming here to see what’s being accomplished. Thank you for reading this. And even if you only “consider”, thank you for that much too.

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