Sign Painting

IMG_20130929_111916A re-dedication and commemoration to the woman who, with love and tenderness, over a course of years, tended the original garden, which is today, freshly reclaimed. This garden that will, forever, hold her memory and provide food and a place just ot come to and sit, pondering the world or self, for many others, for many years to come.
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Hotel Glidden? OK. So there isn’t one in town, but that’s not the point. Some people name their drive-way and put an actual street sign up; some people give their back-yard shed an addresse like 41 1/2 and put the number on it. Hey! There are people who have a dog house in the yard, give it an addresse number, put the dog’s name on a sign over the entrance and will even go so far as to put a “Welcome” mat out. Nobody’s saying it’s right or wrong. But this little project just goes to show: If you have an imagination, l’AtelierQcVt can, often, bring it to reality! And this “old tyme”, hand-painted sign is just a small indication of how…
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IMG_20130928_115202 IMG_20130928_115314
IMG_20131011_114436 Yes, believe it or not, the sign for the business was the last of this batch of sign-painting jobs. Well? There’s dedication to the business and dedication to those who get the pleasure and enjoyment out of what’s created here. Besides, the first 2 signs were more than just “labour”… they were love too.
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IMG_20131028_140353 IMG_20131028_140427

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