Thanksgiving-Autumn Home 2013

IMG_20131108_094535-maison Halloween has come and gone and the not-so-cold days of October seem to have fallen into the bottom of a “Trick Or Treat” bag and been carried off some-where. We’re having bits of flurries and in the high country, there’s SNOW! Christmas and Chanukah can’t be far off. Meanwhile, “House Decorating” is still in full swing and company is expected for the Thanksgiving holiday this year. So once again, taking what was available, adding a little music, some wire and some real fun, it was off to the meadow in between the snow flakes and rain drops and this is what we came up with this time. Instead of the corn stalks (which the farmers use for cattle feed over the coming Winter months), the abundance of dried grasses and goldenrod were put to good use. The reaction? “Is there ANY-thing you CAN’T work with?” Well… it doesn’t seem that way; now does it? So from the North Country border-town to your home, here’s to keeping comfy and enjoying good company on the holiday. (Now to start planning the next phase… next holiday… next round of decorations. But HEY! Just goes to prove: this isn’t just some passing whimsy.)
IMG_20131111_152518cornleft IMG_20131111_152530cornright
IMG_20131111_152414stalkfmside IMG_20131111_152448stalkfmfront
Just a reminder: As of this holiday season 2013, l’AtelierQcVt is in a “fund-raising” mode. It’s a terrible time to ask for help, and even worse to HAVE to ask, but, this enterprise is like an abandoned kitten, struggling for the next breath in the cold North Country Winter that’s coming in with each and every breeze. So, if you could, even a dollar toward helping with the insulation and sealing the windows and getting some desperately needed materials would mean more here than just about any-where else imaginable. We even went so far as to “beg” the celebs (Hello? Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey?) but… deaf ears and no photo-op here I suppose. So you see: This little shop is no joke and no passing fad. Thank you for coming here to see what’s being accomplished. Thank you for reading this.

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