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gfmwidgetWe are in a fund-raising mode these cold, North Country days. All quite legitimate, with incentives offered and all. The success of this venture is no joke, nor is it being taken lightly by anyone. A LOT!!! of work was done to get to this point, 8-12 hour days of hauling everything from old wood, infested with all sorts of rot and bugs, to hauling old farm equipment like plows/ploughs and tillers. Ceilings have been reinforced, floors have been swept down to concrete or wood planks, dust, dirt, old hay and cow dung have been removed. There’s been no “haz-mat” equipment and no specialty items or tools. This was an effort of stoic determination and tenacity… and it looks damn good these days!

Just one tiny problem: There are projects that got started during the warmer weather that can’t be done in a house (furniture refurbishing, for one thing). There are painting jobs that take space in the house and well, make a bit of a mess. BUT, with the North winds blowing in, all the spaces in the barn-siding and the old wood flooring? No insulation! The old windows are now showing where every little gap is. AND… because this was all started as a “grass-roots” venture using only the materials found as the old barn got cleaned out, we’re running out of materials and supplies… QUICKLY!

SO much is needed that it’s becoming a bit on the over-whelming side. But Hope is still burning and keeping fingers attached. With-out sounding “needy-greedy”, a HUGE part of that Hope is that people, ALL KINDS of people will understand the importance of this effort and will be willing to pitch in a bit here and there. Nobody’s asking for the lump sum. Even a dollar here and there makes ALL the difference in the World! And you know? Nobody on this end is too proud to beg.

Please help? (Notice that’s a question and not a demand. All sincerity and respect here.)

You can click on the “widget” and that takes you right to our page where all the details are listed.

IF you have ANY questions, PLEASE always feel free to contact. E-mail is the best. A real person will answer.

7 NOVEMBER 2013: T-SHIRT AND SWEAT-SHIRT ROLL-OUT COMING IN SPRING 2014 The prototypes are already made and have already received positive reactions so the decision to go ahead with the project is clear. (It’s pending the return of a silk screen and the squeegee but, nothing’s deterred other work, and nothing will deter this project either.) So, keep eyes and ears open and ready… there’s going to be a page (or something) dedicated to this one… ASAP!

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